Monday, January 28, 2013

"Creator,sHand" Canyon Lands National Park, Utah By Robert Park

Via Flickr:
For me Monument Basin is the highlight of a park with many highlights. It sits below the southernmost point of the Island in the Sky revealing canyons, slots, gorges, mesas, buttes, arches. Combined together it creates some of the most outstanding landscapes I have ever seen. After millions of years the erosion that continues today began. The results are the 2,000-foot deep canyons of the Colorado and Green Rivers cutting through the heart of Canyonlands. As I stood at the rim of this most magnificent vista on a fall morning with clouds breaking from an earlier storm I was greeted with this most stunning glimpse of creation. Location Monument Basin, Canyon Lands National Park, Utah © RobertPark

Monday, January 21, 2013

"Dune Pool" Snow Canyon State Park, Utah By Robert Park

Via Flickr:Dune Pool Named after Lorenzo and Erastus Snow, who were early Utah leaders. It contains some of the most beautiful petrified dunes on the Colorado Plateau. All of this is set against a stunning backdrop of towering sandstone cliffs in red and white, and peaks and valleys of jumbled black lava rock interspersed with serpentine sandy washes carved from the red and white Navajo sandstone in the Red Mountains. I have visited here many times after rains and the shallow pools create incredible variety amidst the swirling petrified sandstone dunes. Location Snow Canyon State Park, Utah © Robert Park

Monday, January 14, 2013

"Heart Wood" Zion National Park, Utah" By Robert Park

Via Flickr: Heart Wood"
I love trees. They take on many attributes and colors and evoke emotions that run the gamut. Some would say that they speak to us.
This scrub oak in Zion caught my attention as I explored the underside of it, revealing a canopy of branches emanating from the trunk like arteries from a heart. As I jockeyed around I discovered a striking heart shape as the oak came alive in front of me.
Location Zion National ParkUtah
© Robert Park

Monday, January 7, 2013

"Oxbows Majesty" Oxbow Bend, Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming" ByRobert Park

"Oxbows Majesty" Oxbow Bend, Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming" By Robert Park, a photo by Robert Park Photography on Flickr. Via Flickr: Oxbows Majesty Perhaps one of the most beautiful and photogenic spots in Grand Tetons National Park is Oxbow Bend, an appendage of the Snake River that was left behind, when the river cut a new path, just slightly to the south. US 26/89/191 runs right by here, and if conditions are perfect, you’ll get a nice reflection of the mountains on the water. On this day, conditions were not perfect, but still pretty darned beautiful. Oxbow Bend is considered to be one of the prime photographic destinations within Grand Teton National Park. Located just 3 miles inside the entrance, it’s still waters can offer a beautiful reflection of Mount Moran and the surrounding peaks, and can be the scene of dramatic sunsets should clouds be present in the evening.
© Robert Park