Monday, January 7, 2013

"Oxbows Majesty" Oxbow Bend, Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming" ByRobert Park

"Oxbows Majesty" Oxbow Bend, Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming" By Robert Park, a photo by Robert Park Photography on Flickr. Via Flickr: Oxbows Majesty Perhaps one of the most beautiful and photogenic spots in Grand Tetons National Park is Oxbow Bend, an appendage of the Snake River that was left behind, when the river cut a new path, just slightly to the south. US 26/89/191 runs right by here, and if conditions are perfect, you’ll get a nice reflection of the mountains on the water. On this day, conditions were not perfect, but still pretty darned beautiful. Oxbow Bend is considered to be one of the prime photographic destinations within Grand Teton National Park. Located just 3 miles inside the entrance, it’s still waters can offer a beautiful reflection of Mount Moran and the surrounding peaks, and can be the scene of dramatic sunsets should clouds be present in the evening.
© Robert Park

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