Monday, May 27, 2013

"Tranquil Tides" By Robert Park

Via Flickr:
Tranquil Tides” The scenic beauty of the seastacks offshore and headlands onshore make your stroll down the sand particularly memorable at Canon Beach . Fly a kite, watch the sea creatures in the tidepools, or take in a sunset on the famous Haystack Rocks. Relaxing on the beach is part of the Cannon Beach experience. The area is protected as part of the
"Tranquil Tides"
Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge as well as a designated National Wilderness Area. I had envisioned a spectacular sunset on the black sand beaches however when I saw the reflections in the wet sand as the waves receded I was compelled by this most peaceful scene. Waiting for just the right moment when the receding tide and reflection was perfect I exposed my film and knew I had captured something monumental. Located in Oregon. © Robert Park

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