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"Temples Of Kolob" Zion National Park" By Robert Park

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"Temples Of Kolob" Zion National Park" By Robert Park
The Kolob Canyon section of Zion National Park is one of the most conveniently located national park areas in all of Utah. Located just off Interstate 15, these spectacular finger canyons of Zion offers soaring cliffs of red Navajo sandstone and deep pocket canyons just waiting to be discovered. Kolob may be the little known portion of Zion National Park but that doesn't mean i
t is not as spectacular as the main canyons of Zion proper. Kolob is home to a unique geological history and diverse animal and plant life. The scenery is stunning and provides visitors with peaceful and serene surroundings unmatched by any other National Park in the southwest. The word "Kolob" is from Mormon scripture meaning "residence closest to heaven." Visit Kolob Canyon and see for yourself. Kolob Canyons is a beautiful place to tour throughout the year. In the winter, the red Navajo sandstone glimmers with a fresh dusting of snow and in the spring the waterfalls cascade down the rugged cliffs, streaking them black from the run-off. Wildflowers bloom in abundance during the summer, and with the coming of utumn, the yellow-gold leaves of the valley's scrub oak offers an interesting contrast to the vast scenery.
Location: Kolob Finger Canyons, Zion National Park
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